Coffee - Dark Roast / Espresso - Mexico & Ethiopia Blend
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Coffee - Dark Roast / Espresso - Mexico & Ethiopia Blend

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- Our pods are compatible with Keurig machines and are industrially compostable.

Region: Mexico and Ethiopia

Roast: Dark - Recommended for Espresso Preparation

Flavor Notes: Dried Fruit & Bittersweet Chocolate

Aroma:  Popcorn and Leather

About This Coffee:

This coffee is brought you by Folklore Coffee in Montana.  When we bring it into The Kitchen to package, we all swoon over the fragrance.  It is both unique as a coffee, but also familiar.  It reminds us of family game nights and time spent around the fireplace.  It's thick mouth feel and bold flavors, lend itself well to espresso preprations.  But it is also wonderful as a daily drink for those who desire a bold cup of coffee.

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