Gift Cards and Angel Cards
Gift Cards and Angel Cards
Single Serve Co

Gift Cards and Angel Cards

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are in denominations of $10 - $500.  Our gift cards come with a little something extra - a promo code valued at 10% of the gift card.  Give it with your gift, or keep it for yourself.

Angel Cards

If you see what we are doing and want to help, consider buying an Angel Card.  Angel Cards are denominations $1000 and higher and are available in limited quantities.  Not only will they entitle the buyer to a substantial credit toward our products, but they will also be eligible to receive revenue cashback every February, for three years.  If you would like to learn more about Single Serve Co before finalizing your purchase, please contact

$1000 - .25% cashback

$2500 - .5% cashback

$5000 - 1% cashback

$9999 - 2% cashback


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